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    About Pressure Washing Friendswood

    Pressure Washing Friendswood is owned and operated by Pressure Washing America, LLC. We have been in the power washing industry since 2005 and have learned a lot along the way. Our track record speaks for itself. We successfully complete hundreds of projects each year and have gained an immense amount of experience and knowledge over the years that we will use to make sure your commercial or residential project is done properly and safely. You may even find us at Mary Queen Catholic Church on Sunday! We look forward to working with you soon

    Our Services

    Residential Power Washing

    We Put Quality First!

    With 13 years of experience power washing, We have the experience needed to bring new life back to your house, driveway, pool deck and any other dirty exterior area.

    We wash stucco, siding, wood, concrete, stone, brick, cool deck and many other materials. We also offer the additional step of a spot-free window cleaning process to take your windows from just pretty clean – to sparkling clean! Our team is completely committed to providing the cleanest clean possible at the best price possible – to all our valued clients!

    Through years of experience and thousands of house washes we know the right mix of water volume, pressure and specialized detergents to get your property clean, safely and without any surprises – because nobody really likes surprises! Cleaning concrete is a completely different process than washing a house, anyone who cleans both the same way should not be allowed to power wash at your home…because they don’t know what they are doing.

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    Commercial Power Washing

    No matter how you measure it, we are among the most experienced commercial pressure washing companies in Friendswood, TX. Over the years we have seen just about every type of cleaning situation you can imagine so we won’t be “learning on the job” at your property! We’ve worked with companies such as Walmart, Chic-Fil-A, McDonalds and Lone Star College and if they can trust us – so can you!

    Our commercial power washing experts know the most effective and safest way to clean a wide variety of materials. Because our cleaning process is so thorough you not only get a cleaner clean but also enjoy longer-lasting results – saving you money in the long run! We protect you with general liability insurance and commercial auto coverage as well, this way you are confident that you are covered if the unexpected should ever happen.

    We have hand built most of our equipment to suit our specific needs. We use high quality components from manufacturers like Honda, General Pump, AR, and Legacy. Most power washers don’t even know how the equipment they use works…we build our own!

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    Safe Roof Cleaning

    Every roof will eventually develop dark streaks from mold and mildew growth. We professionally clean both residential and commercial roofs in the Friendswood area!

    The Gulf Region is known for its humidity and heat and that is exactly what mold and mildew like! Every morning your roof, and most everything else outside, is wet from the dew. This moisture and warm air create the perfect environment for mold and mildew to develop on the limestone your shingles are made of. Eventually this will become a major eyesore – or worse, lead to premature failure of your roof.

    Keeping up with your roof is very important but it isn’t a chore you want to tackle yourself. With the wrong chemicals or techniques you could hurt your self, damage your roof, or kill the surrounding landscaping. We have the latest equipment, est detergent and years of experience cleaning shingle, tile and even metal roofs so you can be confident we will get the job done effectively and safely!

    We use a safe, low pressure technique to gently kill the mold and mildew that are living on your roof without any high pressure. The end result is a roof that looks better than it has in years and will stay looking great for years to come!

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    Exterior Window Cleaning

    Get spot free exterior window cleaning for your house, or office! We combine the effectiveness of power washing with window cleaning services work well together for us and for you so we are able to generally offer a discount and offer the cleanest possible clean on the house as well as the glass! Your windows take up as much as 40% of the exterior of your home…might as well keep them looking great too – right?.

    The quality of the water at your house if totally out of our control, and it is generally not great. Friendswood water is contaminated with minerals and chemicals like sodium, calcium, and chlorine. Therefore, when we power wash, whatever is in the water at your house will dry on your glass and there is ALMOST nothing we can do about it. We CAN use our special 5-stage water filtration system to purify your tap water and virtually eliminate hard water contaminates and ensure your windows are left with a clean and clear shine with no unsightly residues.

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