Water Tower Cleaning

Friendswood Water Tower Power Washing

Pressure Washing Friendswood offers professional ground water storage tank and hydro tank cleaning services

Water Tank Washing

Water towers are a beacon to any community as they stand tall and often display our town logo or American flag. Due to the height, water towers are plagued with dirt, algae and mildew.

While the dirt and algae on a water tower may appear to be an eyesore to the community, it’s actually degrading the finish on the tank if not cleaned.

Pressure Washing Friendswood has cleaned dozens of ground water storage tanks and hydro tanks over the years so you can trust our experience and expertise!

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Water Tower Cleaning in Friendswood Texas
Water Tower Cleaning in Friendswood Texas

Water Tower Pressure Washing

  • Eliminate Build-up of Dirt & Algae Damaging the Water Tower Finish
  • No Damage to Paint or Surface
  • Dirt • Mold • Algae Removed
  • Detergent Manufacturers Suggested Cleaning Methods
  • Affordable • Convenient • Fast
Water Tower Pressure Washing in Friendswood Texas
Washing a Water Tower in Friendswood Texas

Yearly Service

Friendswood Pressure Washing provides yearly service to help keep dirt and algae from forming on the spheroid or pedestal of your water tower. When main cleaning is performed the following years make it simpler and faster thereby reducing the costs to the city or municipality.

Our local Friendswood pressure wash company helps to remove dirt, debris, algae and everything else from your water tower. We utilize environmentally friendly detergents when breaking down on the crust which forms on the paints finish.
Call (281) 990-3391 and speak with a pro water tower pressure washing tech today and get real facts on costs and time for proper tower cleaning.

F.A.Q about Water Tower Power Washing

Water tower cleaning should be performed every few years or when needed before an inspection. Buildup of contaminants such as dirt, bird droppings and algae can ruin the paint finish of the tower and require more expensive maintenance.

It depends on the size, material and the level of build up.  Some smaller tanks may only take a few while we did a 5M gallon GST that took 3 days including the roof.

Our detergent is biodegradable, safe to human, pets, and plants, and proven to be effective.

Every water tower is treated differently based on the condition of the finish. We try to determine before we clean a water tower how much dirt and algae has built up.

No two water tower projects are the same. That being said, the amount it costs for water tower cleaning varies. Cleaning costs include  the cleaning products needed, equipment rentals (if necessary), site setup and travel time.

Pressure Washing Friendswood Benefits

A clean, well-maintained Water tower, ground water storage tank or hydro tank speaks volumes about the community and the water we all drink and use for things like cleaning.

Emergency Service

We provide emergency water tank power washing services to business owners throughout Friendswood, Texas

Satifaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us, as are the great reviews we receive from our clients!

Instant Curb Appeal

Your business may increase when customers and clients see how well your property presents itself.

17+ Years of Experience

Pressure Washing Friendswood has experienced staff to power wash your water tanks right the first time!